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This order form is a SELECTION of popular products available from our full pricelist available to download from here(Note updated: 2017-07-11).

Prices quoted are all in Thai Baht and are valid from 19th July 2017(Note dated: 2017-07-19).

Please enter your details in the boxes above the product list then enter the quantities required in each box..

Note that this order form is for retail customers. Please contact office for trade enquiries

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Products Each pack contains


Quantity Required
Home Cured Bacon & Gammon
English style sliced back bacon One Kilogram 250Bt/Kg
Smoked streaky bacon One Kilogram 250Bt/Kg
Gammon steak One Kilogram 250Bt/Kg
Back bacon joint One Kilogram 250Bt/Kg
Boneless gammon joint One Kilogram 250Bt/Kg
Bacon loin steaks One Kilogram 250Bt/Kg

Premium Quality Butchers Sausages

English pork sausage (thick) Half Kilogram 230Bt/Kg
English breakfast sausage (thin) Half Kilogram 230Bt/Kg
Cumberland sausage (thick) Half Kilogram 230Bt/Kg
Cumberland sausage (thin) Half Kilogram 230Bt/Kg
Traditional beef sausage (thick) Half Kilogram 320Bt/Kg
Pork chipolata (cocktail sausage) One Kilogram 230Bt/Kg
Pork sausage meat One Kilogram 220Bt/Kg
Traditional black pudding Half Kilogram 210Bt/Kg
Irish white pudding Half Kilogram 230Bt/Kg
Speciality Sausages
Chick'N'Ham Sausage 500 Gram 190Bt/Kg
1/4 lb Burgers ( beef ) Pack of 4 150Bt/Pack
1/4 lb Burgers ( pork) Pack of 4 145Bt/Pack
Quality Steaks & Chops
Prime Thai Beef Tenderloin (fillet) 250g-300g 460Bt/Kg

Prime Thai Beef Sirloin

250g-300g 380Bt/Kg
Prime Thai Beef Ribeye 250g-300g 395Bt/Kg
Prime Thai Beef Rump 250g-300g 370Bt/Kg
Pork Chops Cut 350 Gram 255Bt/Kg
Home baked products
Steak & kidney pie Each 70Bt
Steak & ale pie Each 70Bt
Steak & mushroom pie Each 70Bt
Meat & potato pie Each 70Bt
Minced beef & onion pie Each 70Bt
Chicken & mushroom pie Each 70Bt
Cheese potato & onion pie Each 70Bt
Cheese potato & spinach pie Each 70Bt
Ham potato & spinach pie Each 70Bt
Cornish pasty Each 65Bt
Traditional crusty pork pie Each 70Bt
Sausage roll (Puff Pastry) Each 45Bt
Apple pie (8 portion) Each 200Bt
Apple & blueberry pie (8 portion) Each 220Bt

Deli Products

Cooked Ham 500 Grams 395Bt/kg
Roast Beef 250 Grams 465Bt/kg
Southern Fried Chicken Two Kilograms 215Bt/Kg
Imported goods
P G Tips tea bags 80's 370Bt
Bisto gravy granules 175 gram tub 138Bt
Bisto onion gravy 175 gram tub 138Bt
Colman's mustard 100 gram jar 145Bt
Branston pickle 310 gram jar 190Bt
Branston Baked beans 420 gram can 65Bt
Mushy peas 300 gram can 55Bt
HP sauce 225 gram 110Bt
Sarson’s malt vinegar 250 ml 95Bt
Marmite 125 gram jar 170Bt

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Remember that if you require a product that is not on the list above please let us know and we will try to supply it.


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